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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are we supposed to talk about during our appointment? Are there specific issues?

Usually specific issues are not brought up during the appointment. Legislative Day is an awareness campaign to help legislators understand the financial impact the golf industry has in Michigan.  A script is provided by the MGCA prior to going on appointment to assist with the conversation.

How do I set up a meeting?

The MGCA can set one up for you! Or you can contact your legislator directly.  Not sure of who that is?  Look under the legislators section on the home page.

June is a really busy time for us in golf, why do we have it in June?

The legislators are not in session during the summer.  In order to create the presence we are looking for as the golf industry, we decided having it on the Capitol Lawn would be the best option.  June weather has the legislators and staff thinking about golf and talking about it.

What if I don't get an appointment? Where do I go, what do I do?

We have bags of information and goodies to drop off at every office. If you do not have a meeting we need people to just stop in and say hi to drop off the bags. All of the information is attached to each bag and you will be sent in a team.



It is hard to measure lack of regulations, or at least the oppressive ones. Forging relationships with legislators that are making decisions for the golf industry is the focus for Legislative Day. The awareness of the huge impact that golf has in Michigan helps us foster an open communication channel to ensure golf is looked at in ONLY a positive way.